TC Groups

Step Six:  Small Groups

A new semester of TC Groups has begun. 


What are TC Groups?
TC Groups are small groups of around 10-12 people that meet throughout the week mostly in homes and some at other locations for about 90 minutes to build friendships, learn the Bible, and grow spiritually. TC Groups are a great way to get connected and get to know people and make new friends while growing in your relationship with God.
Who are TC Groups for?
Whether you’re brand-new to TC or you’ve been coming for years, a TC Group is a great next step for anyone who wants to grow in their relationship with God and others through relationships.
Why should I join a TC Group?

  • Weekly Bible study will help you grow in your faith (Psalm 119:11; 2 Timothy 3:16-17).
  • Prayer from others helps you get through the tough times (Philippians 4:6; 1 John 5:14-15).
  • You’ll meet new friends in this busy city that will encourage you (Proverbs 27:17).
  • You’ll have fun with other people going through the same things you are (Ecclesiastes 4:9-10).

What is a typical group meeting like?
Each TC Group is unique, but generally all groups have some social time with snacks and conversation up front, followed by a time of study and prayer. The meeting will last somewhere around 1 & 1/2 to 2 hours.
How often do Groups meet?
Groups usually meet once per week for a semester of usually 10 – 12 weeks.
How do I sign up for a TC Group?
You can sign up online or at TC on a Sunday morning.
What about childcare?
Each individual group is responsible for deciding how to handle childcare needs. Some options are:

  • Have parents arrange for sitters on their own and attend the group without children
  • Chip in together for a sitter who watches the kids in a different room while your group meets
  • Group members take turns watching the kids each week

Can I host and/or facilitate a TC Group?
Yes! We are always looking for additional people to facilitate a small group and/or individuals to open up their homes to host a Small Group. No experience necessary. One of the exciting components of TC Groups are small group meetings in homes. All you need is a living room large enough for around 10 or 12 people and a TV & DVD player. If you would like to facilitate a group or host a group send us an email at!



(M1) Seniors 55+: Adelaide Pagan (CLOSED)
“1, 2, 3, John & Jude” – Monday’s @ 6:30pm in Middletown (Not Kid Friendly) Together we will explore intriguing questions, inspirational stories, emotional reflections and dive deeper into God’s Word.

(M2) Bible: Jerry Blanco  (CLOSED)
Global University:“Romans: Justification by Faith” – Monday’s @ 7:00pm at TC (Not Kid Friendly)
Thinking about further your education, training others at church, or advancing Bible knowledge? Then this or one of our other GU courses is for you.  Study all about faith through the book of Romans. This course can be taken for credit or just for your knowledge.


(T1) Spirituality: Pastor Joseph Nieves (CLOSED)
“Emotionally Healthy Spirituality”- Tuesday’s @ 7:00pm at TC (Kid Friendly)EHS addresses the reality that emotional maturity and spiritual maturity are inseparable. It is not possible to be spiritually mature while remaining emotionally immature. It will equip people to develop a personal, relationship with Jesus by incorporating stillness, silence and Scripture as a daily life rhythm.

(T2) Married Women Only: Pastor Ruth Nieves (CLOSED)
“Passion Pursuit”- Tuesday’s @ 6:30pm at TC (Kid Friendly)
Pursuing passion takes time, intentionality, and creativity. Through the use of Scripture, especially from the Song of Solomon, Passion Pursuit not only urges women to pursue passion but also details how God has given them permission to do so.

(T3) Bible: Pastor Armando Palazzo (CLOSED)
“The Me I Want to Be” – Tuesday’s @ 7:00pm in Montgomery, NY (Not Kid Friendly)
Why does spiritual growth seem so difficult and how can we find spiritual vitality like never before are intriguing questions? Together we will learn the answer in God’s word and also find timely guidelines for living your best life in The Me I Want to Be.

(T4) Men: Jerry Blanco (OPEN)
“Anchor Man” – Tuesday’s @ 6:30 pm at TC (Not Kid Friendly)
This teaching series is a unique teaching style blending humor and practicality with the tools fathers need to become all that God intended them to be as the leaders of their families and become serious followers of Christ.

(T5) Bible Study: Joel Santiago (CLOSED)
Global University: “Christ in the Synoptic Gospels”
Tuesday’s @ 7:00pm in Middletown (Not Kid Friendly)
If you want to further your education, train others at your church, or advance your Bible knowledge then join us for this GU course. We will walk with Christ through the books of Mathew, Mark and Luke. This course can be taken for credit or just for your Knowledge.

(T6) Serving: Samantha Herard (CLOSED)
Tuesday’s @ 6:30pm in Middletown (Kid Friendly).
“The End of Me by: Kyle Ideman” – There is a beauty in coming to the end of ourselves as we realize that we aren’t strong enough, smart enough or talented enough to navigate life on our own. Ironically, that’s when we are in the best position to be used by God in significant ways. We learn together how we can be used by God.

(T7) Women: Theresa Ogburn (CLOSED)
Tuesday’s@ 7:00pm in Middletown (Not Kid Friendly)
“Understanding the Purpose and Power of Women” – Here we look at biblical advice to help us women gain a new awareness of who we are— and discover the skills we need to overcome today’s challenges as women in mind, health, body and spiritual soul. God’s Word has a lot to tell us! Come join me.


(W1) Married Couples: The Omosebi’s & The Hickman’s (CLOSED)
“5 Love Languages” – Wednesday’s @ 6:30pm in Middletown  (Kid Friendly)
What is the concept of love languages? They let you in on what makes your partner tick. We will break down and decode the different ways in which people communicate with their partners, and help take the mystery out of what our significant other really wants and expects.

(W2) Mentoring: David Freitas (CLOSED)
“Engaging Youth Workers”- Wednesday’s @ 6:00 pm @ TC (Kid Friendly)
Mentoring is at the core of any strong ministry. If we are to make an impact on our future, our community, or a nation, it starts with investment in one student at a time by a caring volunteer who believes in their potential. If that’s you, this group is for you.

(W3) Worship Arts: Richard Rodriguez (CLOSED)
“A Life of Worship” – Wednesday’s @ 7:00 pm @ TC (Not Kid Friendly)
There is no one like you on the planet. But your life has a common thread if you love to sing or play an instrument: you may be wired for worship. Not just any worship, but for that of your Creator! That’s what this group is about—discovering your purpose and learning how to fulfill it.


(TH1) Prayer: Isaac & Maggie Osei-Bosonpem (OPEN)
“Intercessory Prayer”- Thursday’s @ 10 am at TC (Kid Friendly)
Intercession is the action of saying a prayer on behalf of another person. The Intercessory Prayer group prays for the needs and requests of the people of TC.

(TH2) Women: Myra Blanco, Lisa White & Catalina Soto (OPEN)
“The Resolution for Women”- Thursday’s @ 6:30pm at TC  (Kid Friendly)
Do you want to be an inspired woman with intentional, spirit-filled living using three unique angles? 1. “This Is Who I Am,” helps a woman define herself 2. “This Is What I Have,” invites her to value herself 3. “This Is What Matters to Me,” living as a wife, mother, and family member and leaving a godly legacy. Let’s do it!

(TH3) Prayer: Fanny Melendez (CLOSED)
“Power Filled Prayers”- Thursday’s @ 6:30pm in Middletown (Kid Friendly)
Have you ever felt stuck in your prayer life? Do you struggle with what to pray? This group, will teach you simple and effective ways to pray. We will create a journal with prayer verses for any person or situation when words won’t make it from your heart to your lips.

(TH4) Outreach: Sandra Glover & Rosa Ortega-Walsh (OPEN)
“Honors Emergency Housing”- Thursday’s in Middletown – Time TBD
Have you felt a burden for community outreach? Let’s start right in our very own back yard. This semester we will be partnering with the Honors (Helping Others Needing Our Resources). We will meet Bi-Weekly to support the shelter in an 1 ½ hour of social companionship and interaction for kids and families who don’t have a home or much stability. We will also organize small donation campaigns as needed by the shelter.


(F1) Faith Building: Carmen Negron (OPEN)
“Starting Point” – Friday’s @ 6:30pm in Middletown (Kid Friendly) Transformation Pathway Step 03
These classes offer the tools necessary to make becoming fully transformed followers of Jesus happen in your life. We will lead you step-by-step from healing to growth. Come join if you are new to a relationship with Jesus and looking for strong foundation.

(F2) Healing & Recovery: Anthony Hernandez, Diana Maldonado (OPEN)
“Celebrate Recovery” – Friday @ 7:00 pm at TC (Not Kid Friendly)
Have you heard the saying, “Time heals all wounds”? Well, truth be told years of buried pain can be destructive. CR is a 12 Step program combined with 8 Biblical Principles tying healthy recovery to Biblical teaching.


(SA1) Men’s Discipleship : Mike Pagana (OPEN)
Saturday @ 9am at TC (Not Kid Friendly)
Men’s Seminars focusing on Men’s issues, Discipleship, Truth, Integrity and spiritual health. These 2 special sessions are $15 per person: which will include a full breakfast and your attendance. Come out and enjoy the dynamic keynote speaker Mike Pagana. Mike is a Christian coach and recovery counselor for over 10 years. This is a must workshop for all men. These two sessions will be held on Feb 24th and March we can find God in powerful stories of the human experience.