Trust in the Trial

Date: March 29, 2020 ()

Bible Text: Prov 3:5, Rom 8:28, Job 1:20-22, 2:10, 23:8-10, 42:10 |


Trusting God means to be at peace with what God allows and what God decides.It is coming to the realization that God sometimes allows difficulties, hardships and trials for some greater good or greater purpose, even if we don’t quite see it.It means, even if I don’t understand why I am going through what I

LWOJ: Father Forgive Them For They Know Not What They Do

Date: March 8, 2020 ()

Bible Text: Luke 23:34, Matthew 6:14-15, Matthew 18: 21-27, 28-35, Colossians 3:13, Psalm 103:12, Matthew 6:12, |


Bloody, beaten, and nailed to a cross, a dying Jesus looked at those around Him and spoke His final words as a man. What did He say? What did those words mean? Join us as we relive Jesus' final hours...