Joe & Ruth

Pastor Joe & Ruth Nieves

What do you think of when you hear the word “church”?  Stuffy, out-of-date, judgmental, irrelevant?  Well, when you come to Transformation Church you will rediscover a whole new definition of Church!  We are a church for regular people like you—people looking for answers and a purpose in life. Whether you’re hungry or hurt, lonely or lost, full of questions or looking for a home, there’s a place for you here at Transformation Church!  When you visit us, you’ll notice something is different about our Church. People come as they are, whether they’re comfortable in jeans or slacks. No one needs a spiritual resume to experience God within our community.  People of all backgrounds, different cultures, ethnicity and walks of life have made Transformation Church their home.  You’ll find casual dress, great music, relevant biblical teaching that will help you connect with God, and you just might meet a few new friends.  Experience a new attitude toward “church”!  Thank you for taking the time to visit us online.  We are so honored to have you as our guest.  We hope you take a risk and visit us on a Sunday Morning!

~Pastor Joe and Ruth Nieves